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Ларуш: Фашистский переворот в Украине поставил мир на грань ядерной войны.

Оригинал взят у milewski_igor в Ларуш: Фашистский переворот в Украине поставил мир на грань ядерной войны.

Линдон Ларуш: Агенты лондонского Сити и Уолл стрит в Белом доме, Е.С. и Украине только что совершили фашистский путч на границе России. Это ставит нас на грань мировой войны. Критической точкой для ее начала может стать конец февраля или начало марта.

It takes only a single congressperson...

Dear LaRouchePAC supporter,

Lyndon LaRouche is warning you again. The world has entered a count-down week, with Lyndon identifying the last week of February / first week of March as the critical period for starting a World War.

City of London and Wall Street agents in the White House, the EU, and Ukraine have just carried out a neo-Nazi coup on Russia's borders. This action puts us on the very edge of World War III.

There is one, and only one efficient method of dealing with this danger: Impeach the S.O.B. Obama now. Our message is direct and hard: This President, a British Monarchical

stooge, is supporting Nazis in Ukraine and taking other actions which will provoke a World War, a thermonuclear war, with Russia and China -- all to secure loot for London and Wall Street’s collapsing financial system.

Impeachment AD now running on major DC radio station

Play the AD on soundcloud

Started earler today (Tuesday), the above audio is now playing on WTOP radio in Washington DC.  LaRouchePAC is also purchasing a digital Ad in the Hill newspaper to the same effect.

You need to help us win!

Call your Congressman -- demand that Obama be impeached now.  It only takes one Congressman to start the ball rolling.  Contact everyone you know to call your Congressman or Senators. If you have contacts in state or local government, convince them to do the same.

We will be flooding Congress this week with delegations, including the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee.  Set a meeting with your Congressman for the Policy Committee or our other representatives and we will be there.  Call 1-800-929-7566 and ask for Tim Rush for further information.

We need to run more Ads and your direct financial contributions help make that happen. It is urgent and your life now depends on our success.

Articles of Impeachment NOT Requiring Hearings:

Watch the interview with University of Illinois Professor Francis Boyle.

  1. Waging War on Libya Without Congressional Authorization

  2. Murdering US Citizens in Violation of 5th Amendment, Due Process (4 citizens so far, and threatening to murder a 5th US citizen)

  3. Threatening War against Syria

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